About Us

About Us

We are an online black owned retail business, started by two crazy friends (Lauri and Kerry-Ann). Our love for fashion and anything cute spilled over into what is now Statement Makerz. We come to you, sharing our passion for quality accessories at a range of great price points. We spend hours on top of hours searching for the jewelry, scarves and clutches that will have you standing out no matter where you go. We believe that any accessory you wear, someone should say/ask.. “oh that’s cute, where did you get it?” Everyone should be able to make their own statement, while not breaking the bank. Come along with us on this journey of being the “Z” in Statement MakerZ.



The Dream

It started as an idea, it became a dream, from the dream it became a passion, now it's a reality. Faith, trust, hard work, daily prayer and dedication is the driving force of starting out on this journey. This journey may not have been easy, but we were dedicated to staying on course comes what may(we actually started out in 2011 and decided to revamp our image).

There were times of many laughs, screaming, early morning phone calls and late night video conference.

Turning a dream into reality takes a lot of patience and determination to accept and "get over" whatever obstacles that have come our way during the developmental stage. We didn't get weary whenever we had small set backs or delays, we toiled on because we knew what the end result would be.

As God as our pilot, our dream has become a reality and to HIM we give all praises, glory and thanks.